Tight Liner Tattoo Needles

Tight Liner Tattoo Needles

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Great, standard tight 3 style grouping for detail work or for small pieces that need a more classic approach to the work. Not too tight, not too loose. These rock paired with Straight 7 or Straight 9 liners for classic pieces, scales on medium sized work, etc.

Another great, versatile needle group that works great for details on larger pieces, can be used for illustrative work, and is great for smaller, simple tattoos where you desire a solid line that harkens a classic look in miniature. Great for scales and small detail on large work.

Standard #12 needles pulled tight to give great, clean lines but not so tight that they are damaging the skin or not carrying great ink. Great needle for larger illustrative work, tighter japanese details, and the smaller line weights for large work.

Really enjoy this needle for larger pieces that benefit from a super crisp line and the ability to control it with adjusted depth. These, like our tight 7, are tight enough to be very clean yet put in great lines at fast speed. Great ink flow and saturated lines- perfect.

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