Straight Liner Tattoo Needles

Straight Liner Tattoo Needles

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We have made sure we offer singles that make sense, and made the way you would make them: with the single riding atop the support group of needles. We’ve also added another needle to this support group, giving you three needles supporting the single to offer unparalleled rigidity and confidence in use. Standard #12 pin weight.

Another excellent grouping that can rock smaller, classic looking tats or double as a shader for those tight spots you need colored in.

One of our most popular groupings, and for good reason. Not only are our needles made with the highest quality materials offered in the industry, but our Straight 7 rounds are made to rip through your work with ease. Laying in consistent, saturated lines and carrying ample ink to let you work, these are a staple in most our our users work, as well as our own. Soldered back enough to let the needles dance a little, eliminating a lot of the trauma of the process. The definitive straight 7 round is here. Smooth and versatile, the Straight 7 Liner is great for everything from large scale work, to one shot tattoos.

"7 Straights also have a smooth feel to them, that are versatile, clean lines too scrap lines for super fast application. And I also love putting in white highlights with them. Great for lining large scale works to one shot pieces" - André Malcolm

Another wildly popular liner needle that gives the user that bold, saturated look and lets them move through the tattoo with good pace. They are soldered back just enough to allow a little flex in the needles and carry great amounts of ink, providing room to deliver in with little trauma. Looking for something a little bolder than our Straight 7 but don’t want to bury your piece with the lines? This is it.

Whether you’re looking for a bold line for that big piece of Traditional Americana or Japanese, these Straight 11 liners deliver in the same style as our other Straight liners. Bold, saturated lines. These work great on smaller pieces if you’re looking for that extra bold experience.

Big lines- what can we say? Well, how about big lines that go in smooth, saturated and clean? Yep, they do that. Need a big line for big work, get these.

Wait, you need a bigger line? A liner that is giant yet somehow still allows you to move at a good pace and create a saturated line? Get outta here- or get these giant 18 round marker-esque straight liners.

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