Straight Bugpin Liner Tattoo Needles

Straight Bugpin Liner Tattoo Needles

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These Bugpin Straight liners are designed for the cleanest of lines. Being bugpins they deliver line weights below their numerical numbers but carry more ink- pretty sweet combo, eh? Did we mention they pull effortless lines and make them clean at the same time? They do.

Clean lines you seek? Grab some of our new Bugpin Straight liners and get your game tidy. Wanna pull lines like you desire but rarely do? Grab these and get pumped on another tool for your work. Doing something illustrative or delicate but still bold? These are what you seek.

Looking for a super clean, easy to pull line roughly the size of a nice 7 round? Grab these Straight Bugpin 9 liners and get impressed! They have a subtle quality you cannot get from another grouping with the same line weight. Great for illustrative work!

Wait, 11 needles and yet a line this clean and precise? How did we do it? We used our industry best Bugpins and rocked them in a straight liner for your pleasure. Clean lines and bold, yet still a liner you can be playful with when doing illustrative type work, or varying line weights/calligraphy.

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