Medium Taper Magnum Tattoo Needles

Medium Taper Magnum Tattoo Needles

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Want to get into that piece with supreme control over your shading? Try a 5 mag. Having trouble hitting the corners and keep coloring outside of the lines?! PLEASE, try one of our 5 magnums. - These little guys are the grouping choice of some of the most respected and imitated tattooers around.

The go to shader needle for decades, our 7 mag standard taper needle excels at pushing pigment efficiently with our textured pins, delivering more pigmentt and less trauma. Amazing is what these very popular shaders are. Get ready to get your work done a little faster with these incredibly competent magnums. Medium taper #12 needles that have the solder back the perfect amount allowing the needles to flex and hold great pigment and reducing the trauma of the tattoo process.

Very versatile textured magnum ready to push as much pigment as the skin can take, doing it with ease. Less time in the skin with these means less trauma and faster, brighter heals. Why would you choose another magnum for color when these are clearly the best?

"Medium taper 9 mags are great for color work; a real versatile grouping" - ANDRE MALCOLM

Feeling like you're moving a little slow on that bigger piece? Try moving up a little. These push pigment like our other textured mags, effortlessly. They also have the solder pulled back the perfect amount, allowing the needles to flex and reducing trauma.

Like our other Medium taper textured mags, these crush what they were designed to do- push lots of pigment.

Finally feeling comfortable with bigger mags? Good, you should be and now you have the perfect tool to add to your confidence with these textured, saturating needles. Even at 15 needles, they move fast, aided by the solder being pulled back enough to allow them to work properly. These should be your go to big color mags. All others will be a let down.

A somewhat rare grouping, but much needed to bridge the gap between a 15 and 25 mag. And what a hit they've been! Great needle that is surprisingly versitile for its size, these bad boys might just become your new big magnum favorite if you can find a tube to run them.

Looking to get that big, big work done and now?! Well, you're in luck because we made these 25 textured mags with the solder back enough to allow you to still push pigment in at a remarkable rate while inducing very little trauma. Get that big boy machine turned up and enjoy the pleasure of watching skin be saturated at an alarming rate.

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