Long Taper Magnum Tattoo Needles

Long Taper Magnum Tattoo Needles

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Great needle for small black and grey jobs, or super smooth color shading. These are textured needles, so they will do both black and grey and color, but are more mellow and less aggressive than our standard taper magnums.

The go-to long taper shader magnum for smaller work. Versatile enough to still put color in but make great black and grey blends deceivingly fast. These are a textured needle, so they will push your grey wash faster than a polished needle, getting your clients out of pain a little faster. Whoop!

Great for grey wash work, good for getting into tight areas, and still fully capable of smooth color blending and packing. Is it possible? It absolutely is with our long taper textured magnums. They are also amazing pushing in black ink, and I use them if I'm doing solid black. These work so well pushing in grey wash you'll find yourself having to change the way you work. Where a traditional polished needle will need a certain amount of work to get a wash in, these textured ones get it done in record time. Yet still smoothly. Amazing.

Black and grey banger in these mags, and wont let you down if you need to throw a little color in as well- wont be caught out having to load another needle- these will handle it!

Now we are starting to get into the big work. These little guys will cover a great amount of ground quickly and yet smoothly. The texture of the long tapers provides them with their fast delivery characteristics and color packing abilities.

The standard for the bigger, traditional magnums, these long taper textured needles give you that power to your elbow to get your work done in record time. Push that grey wash in like never before, while still working well with color pigment if need be?! yep. you're welcome. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention these slay for solid black? They do.

Another amazing long taper offering, these big brothers let you get that big bodywork done without overworking yourself. And with their solder pulled back, they let the skin breathe and reduce trauma while working at record pace. Great for color as well as solid black- boom.

Ready to get busy and knock out large sections of black and grey, solid black, and even color? Well, you'd better get some then. And get stoked to watch your work time cut down getting your grey work in the skin- the textured needles giving your pigment a better vehicle for entry.

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