Long Taper Magnum Collection

Long Taper Magnum Collection

"I tend to change things up now and then, but lately I've been going to the long taper square groupings for everything. I like to work fast, and I think the long taper is better for that, in and out easier and ready for a smooth blend when you need to. I hang them out far enough where I figure I'm getting the same size hole out of the pin regardless of taper. And the skin gets a little less angry if I have to blend one color over another in a single session." - Rob Noseworthy

"I am also a big fan of the "long taper" series for the softest grey's and solid black." - Henry Lewis
Regular price $ 40 50 Per Box

Each box contains:

  • (10) 7 Long Taper Mags
  • (15) 9 Long Taper Mags
  • (10) 11 Long Taper Mags
  • (10) 13 Long Taper Mags
  • (5) 15 Long Taper Mags
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