Hollow Hybrid Tattoo Needles

Hollow Hybrid Tattoo Needles

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These are essentially a 7, but have the center needle drawn back about 1cm, to allow for greater ink flow through capillary action. They are soldered in what most would consider a straight or "traditional" configuration, and lay dense black lines quickly. the line size is similar to a straight 7. Great for sculpting lines and for coloring in tighter areas fast and efficiently. Their Textured needles make them a little more aggressive than our Straight liner series.

Outstanding for varying line weight work, and playful coloring of larger areas where a round shader is more efficient and capable of a different look and effects than a magnum. The textured pins are more aggressive than our Straight liners, which help them color so well. These lay a line down that is similar to a straight 11. They are big.

"The "hollow 8's" are the best well rounded needle I use daily for bold Americana traditional tattoos to illustrative brush stroke style tattoos. They are my favorite for pulling extremely long lines, shading and micro color detail where mags can't go." - Henry Lewis "Using the "Hollow 8 Hybrid" is the bold lining experience I have been looking for. It allows me to pull clean and solid lines in one pass and the ability to flair and calligraphy lines effortlessly. Tools like this help give me one less factor to worry about when I am making a permanent mark on a trusting client." - Christopher Brand

What a great needle, big and fun. It's like using a brush pen on a tattoo- amazing! Great for tiger stripes, rocks, coloring in anything you want saturated and interesting, as well as just making some big, powerful lines. They push color amazingly in part due to their textured needles. These lay down lines almost as big as a straight 14.

Hollow 10 is a needle for those who are looking for an even stronger, bolder line, with lots of ink flow. They also work quite magically as a round shader, packing it in and allowing you to dip less and thus increasing efficiency.

The perfect pairing of our standard Hollow style groupings and our Straight liners, these Long Taper Hollow 8 Hybrids come without texture, and a little longer taper than our standard Hollow 8, and put in a slightly smaller line. Still as playful and versatile, but with a little less resistance. I love them, and they love me. -Grime 

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