Hella Smooth Bugpin Magnum Tattoo Needles

Hella Smooth Bugpin Magnum Tattoo Needles

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Our new Bugpin magnums are here and they will make you into a black and grey genius! These groupings fit into tubes made for magnum groupings one size down; a 5 mag tube for a Hella Smooth 7 mag, etc., Get ready to get smooth.

Tired of working hard for a super smooth grey? Yeah, we were too, that's why we made these. They are so smooth you can almost be careless about how aggressively you do shading, as these simply lay it in smoothly no matter what you do. These are to be used with a 7 magnum tube.

I've been using these in smaller tats where I would traditionally use a 9 magnum long taper, and instead threw a Hella Smooth 11 mag in the same 9 mag tube and made the smoothest grey I have ever done. And it was easy. No kidding.

Another great Bugpin Magnum offering, making your black and grey dreams real. Wanna play around with your greys and get smoothness you only saw on IG? Grab some of these tiny pins.

Wanna knock out a larger background or work on that large subject but want the grey to be super smooth? We can help you- if you use our Hella Smooth magnums. That's exactly what these little guys do- make you feel like a black and grey guru. It's like cheating. It's like using the internet for everything- but you actually still have to make the work. But it's easier now. Thank us now or later, we'll be here.

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