Medium Taper Curved Magnum Collection

Medium Taper Curved Magnum Collection

Whether for convenience throughout your travels and during guest-spots, or simply trying a range of needles without committing to a box of each, Black Claw Collections are created with the best interests of the tattoo community in mind.

"I love using medium taper curved magnum for Japanese style. It makes deeper solid look on background and colors, but yet nice fade and shading at same time." - Yutaro Sakai

Regular price $ 40 50 Per Box

Each box contains:

  • (15) 7 Curved Mags
  • (15) 9 Curved Mags
  • (10) 11 Curved Mags
  • (5) 13 Curved Mags
  • (5) 15 Curved Mags
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