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What’s the difference between your Hella Tite, Hella Fine and Tight tattoo liners?

  • We offer 3 distinctly different series of our tight liners, because we know that what one tattoo artist deems tight, might seem not so tight to another.
  • Our Tight Liners are a conventional needle grouping, made with .35mm 316L stainless wire, ground to a 5 millimeter taper and soldered as far back from the tips as possible while still holding their shape.
  • Our Hella Tite liners are made with .30mm 316L stainless wire, however, the taper is slightly longer, at 5.5 millimeters, and the groupings are tightened a bit further down, creating a stiffer grouping, excellent for stippling and long fine lines.
  • Our Hella Fine liners, the newest addition to the lineup, are the smallest of our tight series, with .25mm 316L stainless wire and a 4.5mm taper. it is with great confidence that we challenge anyone to find a finer outliner, for the smallest of lines with unmatched finesse.

What’s the difference between your medium and long taper magnums?

  • Quite literally what the name would suggest. However, there is a distinct difference in the way they each perform. Conventional wisdom suggests that a longer taper needle provides the user with a tool best suited for color blending and soft shading, whereas a medium taper lends itself to color packing and solid black saturation. However, it’s up to the end user to determine which works best for them, as every tattooer will have their own preference. We pride ourselves on offering the right tattooing tool for any job.

How many needles come in a box?

  • All of our needles come packaged 50 per box.  With the exception of 19 and 25 Magnum Shaders, which come 25 per box. Cartridges come 20 per box.

    Where is my tracking number?

    • Our order confirmation and tracking number emails are auto-generated in our system. That means they can sometimes get filtered to spam and/or junk folders. To receive all email communications from Black Claw, simply add our email,, to your trusted contacts. If you still can't find your tracking number try searching your email for "" or drop us a line.

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